tuesday moon cover

tuesday moon

Tuesday Brooks has had one heck of a stinky day! A special visit from the Moon puts some things in perspective - and also brings a whole lot of joy!

Sandbox World says "With a tip to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s, Le petit Prince, Todd Webb is releasing Tuesday Moon... a masterpiece of fun for all ages."

click HERE to read my interview with The Pulse about Tuesday Moon!

96 full color pages, color covers - out of stock


valentine cover

valentine: a cautionary tale

boy loves girl.
girl hates boy.

an unrequited love story for all ages

Punk Planet magazine says "Valentine is a gem... [the book] juxtaposes hilariously dark little episodes with deceptively cutesy drawings...would make a perfect gift!"

80 b&w pages, color covers - out of stock

casual poet cover

 casual poet

collects cartoon journal strips from november 2003 to may 2005

Mike Allred (creator of Madman) says "Terrific! Super fun energetic kicky stuff! Instantly likeable - better than anything in the newspapers!"

192 b&w pages, color covers

goldfish and bob cover

 the goldfish and bob

a children's book for grown-ups. the story of a man in search of happiness, and the fish who helps him find it.

Jimmy Gownley (creator of Amelia Rules!) says "In a medium filled with nihilism, violence, and despair, Todd Webb's cartoons are not only a breath of fresh air, but a ray of hope. The Goldfish and Bob is one of the sweetest stories comics has to offer."

80 b&w pages, color cover - out of stock

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